• Issuers of superannuation and managed investment products to retail clients now need to deal with enhanced fee disclosure regulations.
  • In order to comply with ASIC's RG97 disclosure requirement's, Funds need to gather information on investment costs from their associated underlying fund managers.
  • As an industry wide compliance requirement, it is incumbent upon Funds to come up with a Process and mechanism through which managers can submit their data in a form that can be used to meet the Fund’s disclosure obligations
  • This can be done separately by each Fund or collectively in collaboration with a group of Funds


System Status

Status - it's teamwork, but simpler, more pleasant and more productive.


Moving data with ease.

The Gatherer connects Funds and Managers enabling efficient aggregation and transfer of key disclosure data.


Multiple superfunds and managers all sharing a secure and segregated platform for Gathering RG97 periodic data


Managers login & submit their information


Superfunds track submissions via alerts/reports, or login


Superfunds receive Manager information as it’s Gathered (on demand or as available)
  • What if…
    • Your managers knew what you wanted, could submit this to you and be aggregated for you into a single file for use by your downstream systems and/or processes?
    • Moreover, your managers could do all this on-line wherein you could be alerted when it’s ready to be collected or when it arrives on your network.
    • Manager data would be automatically aggregated for you.
    • Furthermore, you would know what managers have or have not submitted their data with automatic alerts sent to managers prompting them to submit by a deadline set by you.
  • At Bitsol we have developed an Application to streamline data collection and take the hassle out of combining individual managers’ data.
  • We call it the Gatherer
    • The Gatherer is an application through which Funds and Managers share investment related data.
    • Investment fees and costs are uploaded, transformed, analysed and extracted for use by Funds in meeting disclosure requirements.
    • Moving data with ease, the Gatherer connects Funds (to many Managers) and Managers (to many Funds) enabling efficient aggregation and transfer of key disclosure data.
    • Hosted by Bitsol in a secure private cloud, the Gatherer offers a solution to the consuming task of collecting fund related data from multiple sources.
    • Rest easy in the knowledge that your data is safe, confidential and completely segregated from others. It's only accessible by you and those you choose share it with.
  • This all results in
    • Significant reduction in effort of the Fund’s internal resources during the collection and analysis process
    • Freeing up of the Fund’s resources to add further value
    • A simple method for managers to submit period data
    • Automated collation, aggregation and summary of data submitted
    • A shared service platform which will move as the industry evolves to the benefit of all parties using it
    • A more robust platform for solving a common industry problem

Key features and benefits include.

  • Aggregation of manager data into a single source for the Superfund to import
  • Secure Manager login
  • Predefined relationships between Superfunds and Managers
  • Validation checks to ensure completeness of data from Managers and further verification of Superfund ID before submitting
  • Partial entry and save before submitting to Superfunds, enabling start now/complete later functionality
  • Ongoing edits prior to submitting data
  • Superfunds can trigger or schedule downloads of Manager data
  • Full segregation of data between Managers and Superfunds
  • Complete confidentiality of data between Superfunds
  • Consistent data format
  • Take out the hassle saving you time and effort
Help Desk.

Standard business hours support is included with your paid subscription to the Gatherer. Business hours are Monday to Friday 9am-5pm in the State of Victoria


Application Support

Available to Gatherer Fund subscribers only. Access to Support is available from the application.

Chat Support

Available to Gatherer Fund subscribers only. Access to Support is available from the application.

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